Your 60/40 portfolio and the danger zone

There is a lot of talk lately regarding the 60/40 portfolio due to its simplicity and performance (2020 included). It surely gives good argumentation to the passive management camp and makes investing look simple.
Unfortunately investing is not simple, the 60/40 portfolio is not magic and in the current environment it may prove to be a significant source of risk for the market participants.

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Gold miners vs Gold: A word of caution

Investors often buy gold miner stocks as an indirect play to gain exposure to gold. While there is nothing wrong with such investment one should be cautious on the differences, as the devil lies in the details…

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Why should gold shine?

In most investors’ mind, gold and precious metals provide a natural protection in periods of market turbulence and falling share prices. This is generally true but the devil is always hidden in the details. One should understand what drives the market price of gold and what is the underlying risk.

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